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Light Labs

Light hardware experiments ||| 2013 - 2015

Tools : Arduino, Processing, Raspberry Pi, electronics, electroluminescent lighting hardware, LEDs

A series of experiments made to get more familiar with interactive light hardware: electroluminescent lighting, LEDs as well as fiber optics. Some experiments include : an EL mask for the festival season, EL shoelaces, LED earrings and jewellry and a miniature fiber optic garden. (more pictures to come)

Blue Shift

Audio & Light Installation ||| 2014 MIT Media Lab

Blue Shift is a mirrored, movement sensitive environment built to respond to human stimulus by way of light and sound. It is intended for a completely immersive user experience for the public. The fruit of a collaboration done at the MIT Media Lab Human + Computer Workshop series between Bevin Kelley and Celine Chappert, Blue Shift explores the natural relationship between the human body and space, within an intelligent and responsive perimeter.

+ The Creator's Project / VICE

+ Scientific American

8 x 8 x 8 LED Cube

Audio & Light Installation ||| 2013 Rhode Island School of Design

In 2013 at RISD I worked on a semester-long project: a light animation in the structure of an 8x8x8 LED cube. Throughout the process of the making of the cube I kept extremely thorough records of every step: documenting notes, photos and even environmental factors - including the playlist I listened to, the books I read and my interaction with social media. The video above is a curation of the process, a compilation of the pages of my sketchbook and sample of the binary animation & cube in action!

Documentary Video

Mapping Picasso

Projection Mapping ||| 2014 Rhode Island School of Design

An exploration of Processing's keystone library with a projection mapping prototype, featuring one of Picasso's paintings on cardboard cubes.

Live Mapping / Keystone.lib test