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Rethink the Night

Projection Mapping, Light Installation | 2016 Kea Island, Greece

Documentary Video

Tools : Resolume Arena, Processing, GOBO lights, LEDs

Every year, 30 participants or so come together to the island of Kea for a week-long lighting design event called "Rethink the Night". The goal of the workshop is to provide access to current lighting technologies and the opportunity to get familiar with dynamic lighting control, phosphorescence aided lighting and projection mapping techniques.

Sacred Spaces

Three chapels on the island are selected to accommodate experimental nightscape concepts in the field of projection mapping, phosphorescence aided lighting and dynamic lighting controls. The Church of Panagia Rematiani, St. Haralambos Church and Taxiarchis Church.

With all of their history, sacred spaces emanate a particular energy, a Divine Light, that is brought forth with these installations. Lighting technology helps us recontextualize these churches from day to night.

Motto : Luminance for Illuminance.

Projection Mapping

We worked with Resolume Arena v5.1 for most of the projected visuals, the rest was done with Processing from scratch. For hardware lights we used portable LEDs and colored filters. Other sites choose to work with GOBO lights. For easy transport we mainly worked with portable projectors.

Climate &
Light Pollution

The island of Kea benefits from outstanding natural conditions to build this kind of light installation. Dry air, like in deserts, is partially what enables us to see the sky as black, and not some shade of digital-dark. Projecting onto large-scale surfaces and paying attention to containing this light within its boudaries is what gives the artwork this sharp contrast between the projection and the background black of the sky.

We found that light from the source (projector) is not always the primary source of illumination. The surroundings of the artwork's location give plenty of light - some variables include the Moon (especially when Full), the sea, the land, even the athmosphere, altitude and artificial light at large.


Photography Maria Jose Aguirre

Build Crew Tina T Mann, Maria Jose Aguirre, Alex Lala, Johannes Yakucori, Christoph Lilienthal and Wobbie Benovie.

Thank You Georgios Paissidis, Kostis-Phoebus Yannopoulos and the talented organizational staff of this year's Rethink the Night.