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Ethereal Lighting

Interactive light installation | 2015 San Francisco, California

Micro Site / High Res video

Tools : Arduino, LEDs, Fiber Optics & other hardware

Consisting of ether; hence, exceedingly light or airy. Characterized by extreme delicacy, as form, manner, thought, etc.'Ethereal Light' is an LED fiber optic chandelier. It was a material exploration in hobby electronics, the properties of light, and calming spaces.

Open Source Release

All documentation, technical specs and processes are compiled in an Instructables tutorial. The project was attributed an Achievement medal and featured on the homepage, gathering 5.6K views within the first week.

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The base of the chandelier was built with a custom cut black opaque acrylic circle. This material gives the lights underneath emanating from the marbels a chance to reflect overhead. One of the beautiful angles of this piece is how the shimmering particles reflect like a starry night sky. The trick to getting even amounts of light to travel through the fiber optic strands is to bunch them together from the start and have an ultra-bright LED shining on the junction of the strands. Once the light hits the end of the cable it is lodged in a clear cast acrylic sphere.


The illuminator Model LLE-003 TW's engine requires 12V DC so you can plug straight into your standard 120V wall plug. The engine comes set up with four DIP addresses. The four switches are located in the back of the engine, close to the power jack. The chandelier was hung at Mighty, a San Francisco club in Potrero Hill. In the space I ran a 20 feet extension cord from the engine to the nearest plug in the ceiling. It ran for a over 10 hours just fine. In theory, the bulb can go for +100,000 Hours.


Cinematography Isaak LĂȘ

Photography Claude Shade, Quinn Gravier

Music Nosaj Thing, Pretty Lights, League of Legends

Thank you Ellie Hardy, Kia Lam, Patrick Wong, Marpi, Mike Newell, Jenna Kaupi, Shravan Hegde, Goodby Silverstein & Partners