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Computational Art | 2016 La Gaité Lyrique, Paris, France

Tools : openFrameworks (C++), Processing

Sometimes used in the context of artificial intelligence, the idea of creating 'agents' means to dynamically generate objects while setting a set of rules for their behavior. This series of experiments, made with openFrameworks, aims to capture their visually captivating paths and to an extent, to apply the resulting compositions to other mediums.

Agents in space

Agents multiply and move freely in the space of the screen, leaving behind a trail of ellipses and creating visually captivating compositions. The agents travel in one of eight directions, defined as one of the eight coordinate points of a given compass. The speed and direction of their trajectory is influenced by any kind of interactive input. Here it is the position x,y of the mouse.

Cross-medium application

The visual aesthetic of the 'Agents' series naturally translates over printed media. Thin lines, minimalist compositions and simple color palettes make the graphics ideal to print. To avoid pixel distortion and resolution loss, files are exported as PDF.