• London +44.7593.657957

I easily flow between design, development, and hardware to build the products I envision across disciplines. Weaving my personal experiences with my professional skills drives me to craft unique experiences, both visually captivating and technically robust.

Currently I'm based in London, working as a Creative Developer for AllofUs while simultaneously pursuing a Computational Arts Master's degree at Goldsmiths University.


A curious designer-developer-tinkerer who was born in France, raised in Paris and San Francisco, studied and worked in the United States and carried projects around the globe.


Interactive experiences

Immersive installations

Poetic Technology

Generative art

Visual aesthetics


openFrameworks (C++)

Processing, p5.js

HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript

Adobe Creative Suite (particularly Illustrator with a Wacom tablet)

Pens, paint & ink


Télérama Sortir for 'Les Voyageurs du Code' @ Gaîté Lyrique (2017)

Lighting Culture @ Rethink the Night Festival (2016)

Instructables Achievement for 'Ethereal Light' (2015)

Scientific American for 'Blue Shift' @MIT Media Lab (2014)

The Creator's Project, VICE on 'Transhumanism' workshop @RISD / MIT (2014)